Policies, Terms & Conditions
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1. We take all precautions possible to protect items in our care, however, insurance is not provided. Because the items are damaged when receive them, insurance is not available to us. Therefore, we are not responsible for damage due to fire, flood, earthquake, or theft. Please check your homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage.

2. We do our best to find all damage at the time of the initial estimate. If additional damage is detected after cleaning, client will be contacted with an adjusted estimate.

3. A 50% deposit is required on restorations over $100 and the balance of the restoration cost, plus return shipping and insurance, are due upon notification of completion. Orders will be scheduled when the deposit is received.

4. All items not paid for after 30 days will incur storage charges of $1.00 per day. Items left longer than 60 days will be considered abandoned and will be sold to cover the cost of the restoration.

5. Time estimates are only estimates. Actual completion time is contingent upon other factors such as the time taken by other items ahead in the process. We give each piece individual attention and may take longer than estimated, because we are committed to providing quality restorations.

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