Can a previously glued ceramic piece be repaired?
What if I don't have all the pieces of my broken ceramic item?
Can dark stains and hard water marks be removed from china and pottery?
Can I use my piece after restoration?
No problem, Gusten's can recreate the missing pieces of your ceramic object.
Yes, most stains and hard water marks can be removed with professional cleaning.
Yes, in most cases ceramics such as pottery and porcelain can be cleaned, reglued and restored.
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What is the cost of restoration?

Varying factors determine the cost: the number of broken pieces, size, missing areas that need recreating, color and the texture of the piece. Therefore, each piece needs to be seen to accurately assess the costs.
Can fix my broken glass vase?
Gusten's can bond broken pieces back together using a special  glue made for glass, as well as make minor missing pieces.
Restored ceramic pieces should be for decorative use only. Use of restored dinnerware or vases is not recommended. Vases should not be filled with water. If you plan to use pieces for food service, please discuss with us first.
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